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Diamond Grinding Pad for Redi-Lock Holder - "8" shape Segments


Diamond pad with 1-2pcs metal bond "8" shape segments for redi-lock holder of Husqvarna grinders, it is often used for rough leveling and grinding of concrete/terrazzo/stone floor, such as underground parking lot, factory floor, etc., to remove the attachment on its surface.


Metal bond diamond segment has high strength, excellent wear resistance, and a low friction coefficient, it also has high grinding efficiency and low grinding force generates less heat in the grinding process.


Good diamond formulas provide high & stable performance. The precise redi-lock back makes it matched with Husqvarna grinders perfectly.


We provide you with different metal bonds to fit different hardness of concrete, and a wide range of diamond grits can be chosen.


For coarse grinding(#6-#40), medium grinding(#50-#120), fine grinding(#150-#200).






Code No.

Segment No.

Segment Height

Segment Bond

Grit No.








#6, #16, #20, #25, #30, #40, #50, #60, #80, #100, #120, #150, #170, #200

Redi-Lock holder





The about specifications & photos is for reference, special logo, segment size/bond may be available as per demand.




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