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PCD Floor Grinding Pads for EZ Change Plate of HTC Grinding Machines


1pc 1/3 Round PCD Segment + 1pc round TCT segment + 1pc Bar shape Diamond Segment


This type PCD grinding pad with PCD, TCT, diamond segments is designed for removing most types of coatings such as paint, varnish, glue, epoxy, acrylic, screed residue, VCT mastic, black tar adhesive as well as thick rubber materials on the concrete floor.


It is made from the highest quality poly crystalline diamonds.


It is ideal for the initial steps in concrete polishing procedures, good to coarse grinding concrete surface quickly, make the surface leveling, and achieve maximum square footage at minimum cost.


With the diamond trailer bar this tool is designed to remove coatings over smooth or toweled surfaces and will
not damage the concrete. Diamond bar acts as a stabilizer and depth guide to reduce the gauging of the floor caused by the aggressive PCD segments.


Application: Concrete, terrazzo and stone floors.



Code No.

PCD Spec.


Diamond Segment



1/3 Round*1pc



HTC EZ change plate



The about specifications & photos is for reference, special logo, segment size may be available as per demand.





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